Annual flowers are plants that survive for only one growing season. However, unlike perennial flowers, annuals bloom all season long. This gives you the opportunity to change the look of your entire garden every year! You can exercise your creativity and instantly transform your garden into something new with a carpet of colour. All of our annuals are locally grown and are available in cell packs, flats, and 4” pots.



A planter of flowers is a perfect addition to patios, balconies, or window boxes, to add immediate colour and texture to your landscape design. Overflowing with blooms, our planters are a dose of instant gratification, and are a great gift idea! Available in many different sizes, such as round or square pots and window boxes.

Hanging Baskets

A hanging basket offers the same instantaneous satisfaction as a planter, however these are understandably able to be hung. Available in different sizes, and in sun or shade tolerant, depending on what kind of sun you get! Perfect for an entry way or patio.

Vegetables & Herbs

Let us help you get your vegetable garden growing! We offer many ways to plant vegetables, from seeds, to cell packs, to some varieties even in 1 gallon pots! Vegetables are available in May to start planting. Herbs are a great addition to your garden: they add great flavour to your cooking and can also be used for medicinal purposes. We carry many varieties of herbs to plant in your garden, and they are also available in pre-made planters.